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Hannah Gao

Topics / Themes: Links between Asian representation, the first-generational experience, feminism

Mediums: Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint

My artwork is a window to me: my life experiences, thoughts, and dreams. Much of my work revolves around introspection; through each piece, I strive to bring these abstract personal concepts to life, creating a sense of intimacy that prompts the viewer to interpret and, better yet, relate. / @yurtyobain (TikTok)

Selected Works

HannahGaoAPlaceToCallHome - Hannah Gao.heif
HannahGaoUnravel - Hannah Gao.heif
HannahGaoHandsOffMyBody - Hannah Gao.heif
HannahGaoRise - Hannah Gao.heif
HannahGaoGenesis - Hannah Gao.heif
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