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Kierrareese_I am not the beauty standard  - Kierra Reese.HEIC

Kierra Reese

Topics / Themes: Civil Rights, Prejudice against Minorities

Mediums: Mixed Media, Graphite, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor

My artwork revolves around how my identity and experience in the world affect me and what I believe I am. A common device in my artwork is a red sting usually penetrating through my skin. The red string is sewn into the canvas and presented as self-imposed, illustrating how my mind physically holds me back. Another common motif in my works is using graphite and watercolor to contrast a particular message, time, or belief. For example, in my artwork Preconception to Progression, This Antithesis is used to confront the viewer with these two connected but contrasting thoughts. Presented with the past’s blatant intolerance of African Americans in graphite then moved by the vibrant cool tones that represent how much progress the image of African Americans has come. In American baggage, the subjects look into the eyes of the viewer carrying the struggles of being a minority in America but showing their affirmation with the information presented.

K1K1.4rt (instagram)

Selected Works

Kierrareese_Crossing Over  - Kierra Reese.PNG
Kierrareese_Abnormal - Kierra Reese.jpg
Kierrareese_Preconceptiontoprogression - Kierra Reese.jpg
Kierrareese_I am not the beauty standard  - Kierra Reese.HEIC
Kierrareese_American baggage  - Kierra Reese.heic
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