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    Matthew Yu Topics / Themes: Cross strait PROC/ROC relations, Authoritarianism Mediums: Mixed Media, Ink, Oil Pastels, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor, Colored Pencils Matthew Yu is a Taiwanese-American creative born and raised in Texas. As a self-taught artist, his work focuses on identity and community — how both are built and shaped through unique experiences. Matthew creates to document how the world looks through his filter of consciousness, and through his art, he has reached 20 million views and an online community of 28K followers on Instagram. In 2023, he won the Herb Block Editorial Cartoon Award and a Scholastic Gold Medal. He was also a 2024 National Youngarts Winner with Distinction in visual arts. You can usually find Matthew plein air sketching or tuning fountain pen nibs. @matthewyuart Selected Works

  • Artist

    Iris Fu Topics / Themes: Queer Rights, Educational Equity, Youth Activism, Chinese-American Experience, Class and Power Mediums: Installation, Video / Film, Photography, Performance Art, Charcoal, Sculpture (Found Object) Iris Fu (he/they/she) is a multidisciplinary visual artist merging mediums of performance art, photography, video, sculpture, and drawing. Through endurance-based work, they recreate intimate memories, immersing the audience in their perspective as a queer, non-binary, first-generation Chinese-American. They began their artistic journey with an interest in capturing time. They were introduced to photography as a medium of fine art at the California State Summer School of the Arts and found that the camera acted as a perfect tool for abstraction through repetition. During their exploration of digital mediums, they became inspired by the work of Robert Flick and Francis Alÿs starting their yearlong dedication to sequential conceptual photography. They also began integrating familiar mediums such as charcoal drawing and found-object sculpture. Iris is currently a senior at The Harker School. Selected Works

  • Artist

    Ian O'Hara Topics / Themes: Teenagers today, technology, Asian American representation in fashion magazines Mediums: Printmaking (lino-cuts, screen printing, risograph), Mixed Media, Collage, Installation, Photography, Graffiti, Graphite, Charcoal, Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor, Colored Pencils Ian O’Hara is an artist and photographer based in New York City. Ian has been creating art since he was a child whose creativity was fueled by his grandparents. Ian uses mixed media to express his feelings on important topics. Growing up in Queens, Ian takes to the streets to find inspiration for his art. This is ultimately what made him pick up a camera. He fell in love with photography as he could document and capture the world around him, realizing it was another tool he had to express himself. / @_ian_ohara Selected Works

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    Hannah Gao Topics / Themes: Links between Asian representation, the first-generational experience, feminism Mediums: Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint My artwork is a window to me: my life experiences, thoughts, and dreams. Much of my work revolves around introspection; through each piece, I strive to bring these abstract personal concepts to life, creating a sense of intimacy that prompts the viewer to interpret and, better yet, relate. / @yurtyobain (TikTok) Selected Works

  • HannahGaoArtworks

    A Place to Call Home, Hannah Gao Acrylic on wood panel, 2023. See the Artist Request Usage

  • Elder's Elogy

    Elder's Elogy, Irene Ho Ink, poster color, 2023. This art piece depicts an elderly woman from the Atayal Indigenous tribe of Taiwan who appears to be lost in thought, reminiscing about her tribe's cultural traditions and legends. The woman's gaze directed towards the side combined with the use of subdued colors creates a somber mood and evokes a sense of sorrow. See the Artist Request Usage

  • Family Meal with Gu Gong

    Family Meal with Gu Gong, Matthew Yu Gouache, maobi, white ink, 2023. See the Artist Request Usage

  • 16 hours in strangers' eyes

    16 hours in strangers' eyes, Iris Fu Photography, 2023. See the Artist Request Usage

  • Communion

    Communion, Merritt Crumpton Paper, thread, scotch tape, 2023. See the Artist Request Usage

  • DanaColstonArtworks

    Installation, Dana Colston Wood, fabric, thread, found and personal objects (some altered), sink, 2024. I recreated my childhood bedroom using medical - related objects to demonstrate my health overrunning my childhood. See the Artist Request Usage

  • Key

    Key, Derek Sun Installation, 2023. See the Artist Request Usage

  • Photo Manipulation | Artivism

    Installation Uninvited, Merritt Crumpton Paper, canvas, pvc pipe, zip ties, 2023. Key, Derek Sun 2023 this is not supposed to be a representation of my home, Gray Baker Brown craft paper, paint and charcoal, collage, yarn, broken objects that would fill a home, LED lights, a plaster cast of the artist's legs, and a monitor playing a video of the artist in the early stages of creating the environment, 2023. Browse by Artist Derek Sun Merritt Crumpton Gray Baker

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