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Dana Colston.jpg

Dana Colston

Topics / Themes: Disability and Chronic Illness

Mediums: Installation, performance art, sculpture, textile

Creating art surrounding disability and chronic illness is very important to me because of my own personal experience with chronic illness and a want for others to understand my daily struggles. Growing up, I was always sick in some way. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more and more sick, and being forced to give up aspects of my life due to chronic illness, and later disability caused by chronic illness, has rocked my life. Using art to express the feelings that I experience everyday, notably feeling overwhelmed, allows me a space to not only have a space for catharsis but also to force my feelings surrounding chronic illness onto others.

Selected Works

DanaColstonInstallation - Dana Colston.JPG
DanaColstoncrimescene - Dana Colston.JPG
DanaColstonIV - Dana Colston.JPG
DanaColstonSink - Dana Colston.jpg
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