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  • Merritt Crumpton

    Merritt Crumpton Topics / Themes: Girls' agency and wellbeing, gender equality, education Mediums: Mixed media, collage, installation, performance art, acrylic paint Merritt is especially passionate about movements related to the protection of young girls and their agency. This includes their access to a fair education, healthcare, and spaces of safety. In many ways, her work is reflective of times when girls' health and welfare were not prioritized. Protecting the rights of collective mothers, daughters, and sisters is critical to the sustainable development of culture and country. Selected Works

  • Artist

    Irene Ho Topics / Themes: Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan Mediums: Printmaking, video, photography, acrylic paint, watercolor To me, art is a form of communication, a way to convey the complexity of human emotion and social issues. As an artist, my primary concern is to develop aesthetic expression with a sympathy for society. In our globalized, rapidly advancing society, numerous social issues remain unseen. Art serves as the most approachable and prevalent medium, permeating through the media we consume daily, the newspapers we read, the posters our campuses post, and even the houses we live in. Artistic expression, integral to our daily experiences, serves as a powerful approach for artists to convey their ideas and messages, making critical issues more accessible to the public. In my artistic creation, I strive to uncover layers of identity, heritage, and memory, weaving together personal narratives with broader social commentary. Besides the exploration of self-identity, my artistic journey is also greatly inspired by the stories and rich heritage of Taiwan's indigenous cultures shared by my mother, transcending mere artistic pursuits to become a homage to tradition. My childhood memories filled with tribal customs, vibrant celebrations, and the vivid narratives of tattoo artistry have lighted a deep-seated passion for exploration within me. Through my artwork, I convey expressions with the essence of identity, with each brushstroke revealing a story. Employing traditional motifs and symbolic colors, I not only celebrate these cultures but also strive to initiate dialogues on cultural preservation in our rapidly evolving world. This journey is my contribution to ensuring the enduring presence of these ancient cultures in our collective memory. Through the use of various mediums, I invite viewers to join me on a voyage of rediscovery and reclamation. Selected Works

  • Artist

    Dana Colston Topics / Themes: Disability and Chronic Illness Mediums: Installation, performance art, sculpture, textile Creating art surrounding disability and chronic illness is very important to me because of my own personal experience with chronic illness and a want for others to understand my daily struggles. Growing up, I was always sick in some way. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve gotten more and more sick, and being forced to give up aspects of my life due to chronic illness, and later disability caused by chronic illness, has rocked my life. Using art to express the feelings that I experience everyday, notably feeling overwhelmed, allows me a space to not only have a space for catharsis but also to force my feelings surrounding chronic illness onto others. Selected Works

  • Patrick Jang

    Patrick Jang Topics / Themes: De-stigmatizing discussions of mental health, empowering vulnerability Mediums: Film, animation I want to reach young adults struggling to find peace within themselves; in other words, most---if not all---of us. Whether it's big or small, whether it's mental, emotional, social, or spiritual, I want growing individuals to recognize for themselves that they're truly not alone. And as cliché and seemingly superficial as those last few words sound to many of us now, I created my film for us to see and hear, with our own bare eyes and ears, real stories of real teens our age at its sheer rawest, most personal and vulnerable level. It is crucial that teens and young adults find themselves in others' stories, and recognize that they too can overcome and grow. Selected Works

  • Kaylee Christiansen

    Kaylee Christiansen Topics / Themes: Beauty Standards, Media, Sexism Mediums: Photography, collage @Kayleemakes_art Selected Works

  • Artist

    Erika Kasuga Topics / Themes: Environmental Issues (sea pollution, food sourcing) Mediums: Graphic Design, Photography, Digital Drawing Erika Kasuga is an artist and illustrator born in New York in 2005. She creates her pieces using digital and fine art mediums. Erika’s design work has already been recognized with a National Gold Medal and two National Silver Medals in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition and numerous other awards. Her work also promoted the Smithsonian Affiliated Morris Museum Fresh Perspectives Exhibit. Embracing creativity and versatility as her guiding principle, Erika continually explores diverse themes and collaborative projects, pushing her own boundaries in collaboration with others. Committed to pursuing Communication Design in college, she is dedicated to crafting artwork that resonates deeply with herself and her audience. She is also currently working on a new collection of artwork to showcase in the summer of 2024. @kasugart Selected Works

  • Sage Park

    Sage Park Topics / Themes: Feminism, LGBTQ+, Racial Justice, Abortion Rights Mediums: Mixed Media, Graphic Design, Charcoal, Ink, Acrylic Paint I care about these particular social issues because I’m a POC woman living the United States, meaning my rights and the rights of my communities are always going to come at a disadvantage. Through experiencing sexism and racism in various ways throughout my life, I’ve grown up knowing that my happiness and comfort won’t be important in the eyes of society, because of the way I was born. However, I also believe that as a first gen immigrant, I have a voice and I deserve a valuable standing within my work, which is why I do everything I can to create and make art voicing my life experiences as well as issues that I’m passionate about. Art has been the one consistent thing in my life as it’s given me it’s trials and tribulations, and it’s all that I have, so I intend to let it be my voice and my dream. @sxgee.png Selected Works

  • Artist

    Juri Kim Topics / Themes: Cultural Identity Mediums: Photography, oil paint Juri Kim is an accomplished photographer whose work has been recognized by the National YoungArts Foundation and the National Scholastics Art and Writing Competition in photography. Her photography delves into her individual journey as a Korean-American woman residing in Los Angeles, capturing her experiences through an enigmatic and eerily lens. Juri's work has been exhibited at the Band of Vice Gallery, Affirmation Arts Gallery, and YoungArts Gallery. Selected Works

  • Kierra Reese

    Kierra Reese Topics / Themes: Civil Rights, Prejudice against Minorities Mediums: Mixed Media, Graphite, Acrylic Paint, Watercolor My artwork revolves around how my identity and experience in the world affect me and what I believe I am. A common device in my artwork is a red sting usually penetrating through my skin. The red string is sewn into the canvas and presented as self-imposed, illustrating how my mind physically holds me back. Another common motif in my works is using graphite and watercolor to contrast a particular message, time, or belief. For example, in my artwork Preconception to Progression, This Antithesis is used to confront the viewer with these two connected but contrasting thoughts. Presented with the past’s blatant intolerance of African Americans in graphite then moved by the vibrant cool tones that represent how much progress the image of African Americans has come. In American baggage, the subjects look into the eyes of the viewer carrying the struggles of being a minority in America but showing their affirmation with the information presented. K1K1.4rt (instagram) Selected Works

  • Artist

    Gray Baker Topics / Themes: Gender equality, feminism, the sexualization of teen girls Mediums: Mixed media, collage, installation, performance art, acrylic paint / Selected Works

  • Artist

    Ada Simon Topics / Themes: Disability rights, queer rights, women’s rights Mediums: Printmaking (lino-cuts, screen printing, risograph), Collage, Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign), Graffiti, Charcoal, Ink, gouache paint ​ Selected Works

  • Artist

    Derek Sun Topics / Themes: Teen Mental Health Mediums: Digital photography, photoshop, procreate Derek’s commitment to art stems from his desire to provoke questions and spark meaningful conversations. His photography is a space where visual narratives intertwine with social reflection. Derek believes in the power of art as a medium for engagement, a tool to ignite conversations and bridge conflicting perspectives. Derek envisions his artistic journey as a continuous exploration of the intricate dance between creativity and human connection. In the vibrant mosaic of his passions, Derek Sun finds his voice, weaving narratives that extend beyond the frame and invite viewers into a world of contemplation and dialogue. / @derekwsun Selected Works

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