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Erika Kasuga

Topics / Themes: Environmental Issues (sea pollution, food sourcing)

Mediums: Graphic Design, Photography, Digital Drawing

Erika Kasuga is an artist and illustrator born in New York in 2005.
She creates her pieces using digital and fine art mediums. Erika’s design work has already been recognized with a National Gold Medal and two National Silver Medals in the Scholastic Art and Writing Competition and numerous other awards. Her work also promoted the Smithsonian Affiliated Morris Museum Fresh Perspectives Exhibit. Embracing creativity and versatility as her guiding principle, Erika continually explores diverse themes and collaborative projects, pushing her own boundaries in collaboration with others. Committed to pursuing Communication Design in college, she is dedicated to crafting artwork that resonates deeply with herself and her audience. She is also currently working on a new collection of artwork to showcase in the summer of 2024.


Selected Works

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