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this is not supposed to be a representation of my home, Gray Baker

IMG_4166 - Gray Baker.JPG
IMG_4157 - Gray Baker.JPG
IMG_4152 - Gray Baker.JPG
IMG_4150 - Gray Baker.JPG

Through this piece and its performance I explore the downfalls and expectations surrounding domestic labor, queer identity, and the transition in and out of adolescence. In this space I craft a narrative in a way which is both theatrical and grounded in my experiences in various homes. I also wanted to expand on the relationship between pornography and its sustained control over teenage identity. By using brown craft paper to create the structure of these rooms I call back to early childhood and the common play activity of simulating domestic life. There is also strong use of distortion with perspective to push this idea of theater and performance of domestic structure and its dissolve from the natural world.

Brown craft paper, paint, charcoal, collage, yarn, broken objects that would fill a home, LED lights, a plaster cast of the artist's legs, and a monitor playing a video of the artist in the early stages of creating the environment, 2023.

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