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Irene Ho

Topics / Themes: Indigenous Peoples in Taiwan

Mediums: Printmaking, video, photography, acrylic paint, watercolor

To me, art is a form of communication, a way to convey the complexity of human emotion and social issues. As an artist, my primary concern is to develop aesthetic expression with a sympathy for society. In our globalized, rapidly advancing society, numerous social issues remain unseen. Art serves as the most approachable and prevalent medium, permeating through the media we consume daily, the newspapers we read, the posters our campuses post, and even the houses we live in. Artistic expression, integral to our daily experiences, serves as a powerful approach for artists to convey their ideas and messages, making critical issues more accessible to the public. 


In my artistic creation, I strive to uncover layers of identity, heritage, and memory, weaving together personal narratives with broader social commentary. Besides the exploration of self-identity, my artistic journey is also greatly inspired by the stories and rich heritage of Taiwan's indigenous cultures shared by my mother, transcending mere artistic pursuits to become a homage to tradition. My childhood memories filled with tribal customs, vibrant celebrations, and the vivid narratives of tattoo artistry have lighted a deep-seated passion for exploration within me. Through my artwork, I convey expressions with the essence of identity, with each brushstroke revealing a story. Employing traditional motifs and symbolic colors, I not only celebrate these cultures but also strive to initiate dialogues on cultural preservation in our rapidly evolving world. This journey is my contribution to ensuring the enduring presence of these ancient cultures in our collective memory. Through the use of various mediums, I invite viewers to join me on a voyage of rediscovery and reclamation.

Selected Works

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