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Iris Fu

Topics / Themes: Queer Rights, Educational Equity, Youth Activism, Chinese-American Experience, Class and Power

Mediums: Installation, Video / Film, Photography, Performance Art, Charcoal, Sculpture (Found Object)

Iris Fu (he/they/she) is a multidisciplinary visual artist merging mediums of performance art, photography, video, sculpture, and drawing. Through endurance-based work, they recreate intimate memories, immersing the audience in their perspective as a queer, non-binary, first-generation Chinese-American. 

They began their artistic journey with an interest in capturing time. They were introduced to photography as a medium of fine art at the California State Summer School of the Arts and found that the camera acted as a perfect tool for abstraction through repetition. During their exploration of digital mediums, they became inspired by the work of Robert Flick and Francis Alÿs starting their yearlong dedication to sequential conceptual photography. They also began integrating familiar mediums such as charcoal drawing and found-object sculpture.

Iris is currently a senior at The Harker School.

Selected Works

16 hours in a strangers' eye
Nutrition Pt.90
snapshots of a world left behind
(i'm sorry)
Love as Seclusion
in the context of queer trauma, the ending is never good
726 photos of my cat
Mother at the Dining Table
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